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Case Studies in Service Innovation: Two day conference: June 14th/15th 2010

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Dr Michael Lyons

Chief Researcher, Dynamic Modelling
BT Innovate & Design

Michael Lyons has over 30 years experience of telecommunications research, which has included device development for optical communications systems, and studies in the areas of display technologies and the environmental impact of telecommunications.  For the past fifteen years he has worked in the area of business modelling and scenarios planning, and established a new research team to work on long-term strategic issues.  This team provided business analysis and decision-support tools to BT including the development of computer-based business simulations.  The group's work included research into regulatory issues, industry structure and future service demand, as well as the development of computer simulation techniques. 

Michael has worked on a number of strategic studies, looking at the future development of the Information Society, and has a particular interest in the new social, economic and business models that are emerging.  He has published extensively on the impact of emerging ICT on both organizations and wider society. 

Michael has taken a lead role in coordinating Service Sciences activities within BT’s Research and Technology unit.  He represents BT in a several initiatives related to Service Sciences. These include the EPSRC-supported UK network on Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSMEnetUK), serving on the steering committee of a Royal Society project on service innovation (Hidden Wealth: the contribution of science to service innovation), membership of an EC advisory group on Open Innovation and e-services, and involvement in two SRII SIGs: KISS, and Service innovation.

Michael's research interests include service science, systems thinking, complex systems and the way in which computer simulations are used by organisations to support decision-making.  Michael’s current research work is focused on the development of dynamic models to support E2E service delivery.