Network Members

Network Members - UK Universities

Saikat Kundu  / Manchester Metropolitan University
Service Engineering, Service Co-creation, Service Design, Service Quality, Service Operations

Jonathan Tanner  / London South Bank University
:I am interested in developing a services science approach at LSBU as part of my Doctoral research project through an action research approach.

Edward Crowley  / University of Manchester
Services Science, Service Transformation

Ilan Chamovitz  / Manchester Business School
Service applied to Education and Health, Information Technology, Strategic Management

Elspeth Hill  / University of Manchester & Maastricht University
I am interested in how service science can improve and contribute to education and learning.

Prof David J Pym  / University of Aberdeen
Information security, stewardship, and trust, systems modelling, security economics, security management

Driton Sahiti  / University of Glasgow
Service Innovation, Value Creation, Service Logic

Najwa Zulkefli  / Staffordshire University
- service dominant logic/service marketing - service science - database design - computing scienceL

Faheem Akhter  / University of Nottingham
Electrical Power System

Udechukwu Ojiako  / University of Southampton
Service Delivery

Yasser Iqbal  / Teesside Business School
Services innovation, technology and business

Keletso Letsholo  / University of Manchester
Business Patterns; Business Process Modeling; Service-Oriented Software Engineering; Knowledge Management

Chris Raddats  / University of Central Lancashire
Servitization of manufacturing; Role of services in traditionally product-centric organisations

Chris Raddats  / University of Central Lancashire
Servitization of manufacturing; Role of services in traditionally product-centric organisations

Najwa Zulkefli  / Staffordshire University
service dominant logic/service marketing - service science - database design - computing science

Faheem Akhter  / University of Nottingham
Electrical Power System

Udechukwu Ojiako  / University of Southampton
Service Delivery

Yasser Iqbal  / Teesside Business School
Services innovation, technology and business

Keletso Letsholo  / University of Manchester
Business Patterns; Business Process Modeling; Service-Oriented Software Engineering; Knowledge Management

Mahmoud Abdelrahman  / Manchester Business School
Knowledge Management Systems and Decison Making; Processes in Multinational Corporations

Satya Shah  / University of Exeter
Service Sector Innovation, ICT and Technology use in Business, Customised Service Support

Elvira Gallyamova  / University of Bournemouth
Service innovation (marketing perspective), application of mobile technology, creative sector, internationalisation of services

Mhorag Goff  / Manchester eResearch Centre
Knowledge management and collaboration in global organizations, follow the sun service models, virtual working tools & technologies, management information for service improvement

Dr Glenn Parry  / Bristol Business School, UWE
ervice Operations Management, Complex Engineering Service, Service Design and Delivery

Hsuan-Yi Wu  / Manchester Business School

Usman Wajid  / Manchester Business School
Enabling end users to discover, compose and consume services

Muhammad Irfanullah Arfeen  / Manchester Business School
Public Sector Innovation

Adam Hazdra  / Manchester Business School
Service design, New service development

Weigang Wang  / Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester
Synchronous groupware, Group decision support, Collaborative hypermedia, CSCW, HCI, Web technology and practice

Lucie Kennedy  / Manchester Business School - MBA
Innovation (Product and Service)

Ken Wichert  / University of Strathclyde
eWOM trust, social media, online trust, online consumer behavior, purchase decision making

Mohamed Zaki  / PhD researcher in the Manchester Business School, University Of Manchester
Research interests lie in the combination of Business Intelligence, data/text mining, especially applied in the fraud detection scenarios.

Andrea Cocchi  / KITE - Newcastle University Business School - Newcastle University
New Business Models in High Engineering Sectors - Innovation Intermediaries, their Role and Functions in Innovation Systems

Doreen Nielsen  / University of Greenwich, The Business School
Service Science, Service Management, Service Engineering and Systems, Education, Learning Technology

Khalid Belhajjame  / University of Manchester
Web Services, Semantic Web Services, Service Discovery, Service Composition

Tarun Sainani  / Lancaster University
Service Science Research, Service Systems theory, Service Innovation, Service Design and patterns

Professor Alan Wilson  / Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, UK
the linkages between corporate culture, performance measurement and service delivery personnel.

Lucy Kimbell  / Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Service design, experience design, service innovation

Denis Fischbacher-Smith  / University of Glasgow, UK
service design and human error, risk management, organisational failure within socio-technical systems

Dr Glenn Parry  / Bristol Business School, UWE, UK
Enterprise transformation - servitisationCosting serviceComplex engineering service systems

Adrian Bot  / University of Bolton, UK
Service Engineering

Onome Eghagha  / University of Manchester, UK
Networked systems, collaboration and integration organizaitons

Godwill Vegah  / Manchester Business School
e-learning, software agent support for e-learning, Software agents applications, Adaptive/Intelligent learning systems

Emem K Umoh  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service Design, Service Innovation

Aini Suzana Ariffin  / University of Manchester
R&D, Commercialisation and innvoation

ALGER LEE  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service Innovation, Strategic Management and Creative Industries

Zelin Li  / Kingston University London, UK
E-GovernmentHealth InformaticsEmergency Management

Maria Felice  / University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
SSME - debates and gaps in current knowledge

Windo Hutabarat  / Cranfield University, UK
Product-service Systems; Design Methodology; Microsystems Technology; Design Optimisation

Gokula Vijaykumar  / Research Fellow, Cranfield University, UK
Knowledge management, Collaborative design, Product Service Systems

Jennifer Wilby  / University of Hull, UK
service sciences theory; systems theory

Francesca Bria  / University College London, Birkbeck, UK
Service design

Paul Lefrere  / Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, UK
Innovation in knowledge-intensive services

Jon G. Hall  / The Open University, UK
Problem oriented engineering, Engineering Design, Problem Orientation

Sai Nudurupati  / Research Fellow, University of Exeter, UK
Service Research, Servitization and Operations Management

Yong Lin  / University of Greenwich, UK
Service Supply Chain

Tarik Badi  / University of Leeds, UK
Supply Chain and return network

Giles McClelland  / University of Leeds, UK
Job and Work Design in the Service Industry, Complexity and Leadership, Systems Theory

Elizabeth Guest  / Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Machine Vision, object recognition, image processing, natural language processing, automatic marking, automatic translation, automatic cataloguing, automatic generation of key words, data fusion

Graham Orange  / Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning, Infor mation Systems Strategy, Information Systems Development

Ah-Lian Kor  / Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Information and Knowledge Management, Organisational Learning, Innovation, eGovernment

Frank Siegfried  / MBS DBA Program, Management Advisor, Lecturer, University of Manchester, UK
Customer behaviour (thesis), cross-cultural issues (Southeast Asia), quantitative research methods, start-up and spin-off opportunities

Janet Francis  / Staffordshire University, UK
Service definition, quality and productivity issues in education services offered through partnership arrangements.

Lawrence Green  / Manchester Metropolitan University Business School; Central St Martins College of Art and Design, UK
service innovation, service design, design and innovation, public-private innovation networks and practice, cultures and innovation

Kieron Flanagan  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
innovation in creative service sectors, innovation in knowledge-intensive services, public policy for services innovation, innovation in public services

Freddy Lecue  / The University of Manchester, UK
Services Science, Service-oriented Computing, Semantic Web services (Composition, Discovery, Selection, Optimisation, Personalisation, Quality), Mash-up

Chris Reade  / Kingston University, UK
Web Services and Technologies

Peter Wild  / IFM, University of Cambridge, UK
Service Systems, Service Design, Integrative Research, Activity Based Models for Services, Human-Computer Interaction.

Katherine Tyler  / University of Westminster, UK
services business-to-business markets, service in complex industrial networks, industrial service and service transformation, the movement from goods dominant, to service dominant to solutions and val

Kevan Zokai  / Cardiff Business School, UK
Service operationsSupply Chain Management

Giles Hindle  / Warwick Business School, UK
Facilitation of Service Innovation & StrategyDevelopment of Methodology for Service Innovation & Strategy

Bruce Tether  / Imperial College Business School & Design London, UK
Service Design and Innovation

Andy Neely  / Advanced Institute of Management Research, Cranfield University, UK
Service performance measurement and management, innovation and productivity in services, servitization of manufacturing

Mal Davenport  / Teesside Business School, UK
'Value Systems' and 'personal positioning' in service design and delivery using SSAMT.

Professor S A B  / University of Sheffield, UK
Nonlinear System Identification and Analysis

Stephen Wood  / Institute of Work Psychology,
Service Sciences

Tom Page  / Loughborough University, UK
Innovation, Education

Irene CL Ng  / Director, Centre for Service Research, University of Exeter
Pricing & Revenue Management of Services, Value-based Service Innovation, B2B service contracts, Service transformation, Economic Modelling of Services

Mairi Macintyre  / University of Warwick, UK
Research - Health Service Design Teaching - Masters module tutor Service Design and Delivery

Clive Helm  / Westminster Business School , UK
Brand management and delivery. The design and delivery of brand experiences in international consumer and business to business markets.

Amy Grove  / The University of Warwick , UK
Service design and delivery, particularly within the context of healthcare and healthcare management

Zubin Sethna  / University of Westminster (Westminster Business School), UK
Elements of  'Service Management' in the interplay between marketing, entrepreneurship, ethnicity and consumption

Sue Black  / University of Westminster, UK
Computer science, software engineering, matching market relevance/industry needs with computer science education, supporting and encouraging women to study and work in computer science/IT

Dr Mahi Lohi  / University of Westminster, UK
Relationships between services and technologies

Darek Ceglarek  / University of Warwick, UK
integration of service, manufacturing and design; data mining; quality control, product lifecycle management;

Dr. Arni Halldorsson  / University of Southampton, UK
Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Outsourcing,Buyer-supplier relationships

Panos Desyllas  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
service innovation, novel business methods

Micheal Hall  / Teesside University, UK
Service Design, Experience Design, Visual Identity and Design of the Future

Ahmad Beltagui  / Nottingham University Business School, UK
The implications of a transition to service strategy on the management of design activities.

Andrew Price  /  Institute of Digital Innovation - University of Teesside
Service Science, Service Design and Service Innovation.

Jeremy Cox  / Manchester Business School Alumnus, UK
Customer Centricity Actionable Customer Insight Sense and Respond - Adpative Enterprise

Professor Ying Liu  / Homerton College, Cambridge / Haerbin Institute of Technology
Management of Service Oriented Systems Service Meta-synthesis Service Solution Architecture Service Oriented Architecture Policy-based Architecture Technology, Policy and Services Public Social Services

Laura Salciuviene  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Contemporary consumer behaviour and marketing in virtual environments

Chris Raddats  / PhD researcher at MBS
How traditionally product-centric companies are using services to create market differentation

Dr Debbie Keeling  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
e-health, e-commerce, role and impact of online communities in service provision, social support networks, motivation, innovation, supporting tailored service delivery through novel technologies

Dong-Han Ham  / Middlesex University, UK
Quality engineering of IT systems, Human factors of service industry ,Model-driven analysis of service systems and service system failures

Pedro Sampaio  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Customer Relationship Management, Requirements Engineering, Service-Oriented Design, Data Quality, Information Management

Nikolay Mehandjiev  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service Systems Design and Architectures, Convergent Services, Service Web, User-based Service Discovery and Composition, Services Science, Service Engineering, Semantic Services, Intelligent Service Systems

Gary Graham  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Creative sectors, music, newspapers, software

Ilias Petrounias  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Business Process Improvement and Optimisation Business Knowledge and Information Management

Babis Theodoulidis  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service Information Management, Service-Oriented Architectures, IT Service Strategy and Governance, e-Service Valuation

Mark Lycett  / Brunel University, UK
adaptive and evolutionary information systems, complex adaptive systems, services science, the conception and use of data/information/knowledge

Dr Nathan Proudlove  / Manchester Business School
systems thinking and modelling service transformation and improvement in the public sector (esp. health and local govt)

Yanuar Nugroho  / Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester
Innovation in voluntary sector, non government organisations; new media and organisational change; innovation and sustainability

Pibin Guo  / Manchester Business School
Service innovation system

Professor Robert Paton  / University of Glasgow
Services innovation within complex E2E supply chains - in particular barriers to knoledge transfer and the expoitation of change. We are about to launch, an IBM sponsored, centre - Complex Services Innovation Research Network - to address the more socio-technical aspects of services innovation.

Dr Thorsten Gruber  / The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, Marketing Group
Service Failure and Recovery, Complaint Management and Complaining Behaviour, Service Quality and Satisfaction in Higher Education, (Critical) Service Encounters, Virtual Services

Steve Baron  / Professor of Marketing, University of Liverpool, UK
Services Marketing Experiential Consumption

Ip-Shing Fan  / Cranfield University, UK
Effective delivery of service avoiding the organisation and change issues that failed many IT projects.

Dr. Lorna Uden  / Staffordshire University, UK
Innovation, Knowledge management, SOA, web services, learning organisations, collaborative working environment, service science, HCI, activity theory for modelling servies

Yin Leng Tan  / Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
E-business/M-Business, SME networks, Service Ecosystems, Service Innovation

Dr David Bamford  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service operations management, health service improvement

Dr Monika Solanki  / Imperial College London, UK
Web services: Composition and Verification, Semantic Web and its application to Web services, Formal methods: Runtime Verification and Model checking, Agents

Thapelo Tlhong  / University of Southampton, UK
Service Management, DVB Service, DTT Services, Neural Networks and Knowledge Based Technolgies, CBR, Rule Based etc, Service Level Agreements,

Dr Dong-Ling XU  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Applying advanced decision theory, technology and methodology for service decision making, including new service design, optimal resource allocatin, and business performance assessment and improvement.

Ruth Boaden  / Professor of Service Operations Management, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service operations management, public sector management, health services research and management

Dr. Barbara Jones  / PREST/Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester, UK
Service innovation:skills needs of emerging technologies: tacit knowledge in distributed environments

Aad van Moorsel  / Newcastle University, UK
IT security and trust, Service provision, Business-driven IT management, Trust economics, Contracts and service-level agreements

Nicolas Gold  / King's College London, UK
Service-Oriented Software, Software Engineering, Digital Humanities

Dr Claire Moxham  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Service design, Service quality, Performance measurement

Linda Macaulay  / Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Collaboration in B2B service ecosystems; e-business patterns; development of networks of service researchers and practitioners

Carlos Eduardo Yamasaki Sato  / University of Sussex /SPRU (Science and Technology Policy Research), UK
Service Innovation, Service Management, Project Management, Systems Integration, Open Innovation.Now my research is about the impact of Internet-based practices on service innovation capabilities of traditional telecommunications operators (e.g. BT).

Darek Ceglarek  / University of Warwick, UK
Product Service Systems in the Life-cycle paradigm;Healthcare service technology

Lydia Lau  / University of Leeds, UK

Liping Zhao  / University of Manchester, UK
Service-oriented computing