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Xiaohu Yang

College of Computer Science & Technology

Zhejiang University, China

Professor Xiaohu Yang is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Vice Dean of Software College at Zhejiang University in China. He is in charge of the operation of State Street Zhejiang University Technology Center, a joint research center between State Street Corporation and Zhejiang University which focuses on the advanced research and development of global financial software systems and technologies.

Since April 1994, Professor Yang has been a faculty member of Department of Computer Science & Engineering (now named as College of Computer Science & Technology) at Zhejiang University. He has been teaching the courses of Software Engineering, Software Process Management, Project Management, and Assembly Language Programming.

Professor Yang has been engaged in research and development efforts focusing on software reengineering, product data exchange, and information system security. He is an accomplished project leader and has successfully led several major research and development projects sponsored by China Hi-tech Program and made important contributions to these projects.

Prof. Yang received a Ph.D. degree of computer science at Zhejiang University in 1993.